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16 August

Youth the word itself reflects a bunch of energy and passion. A person between the age of 15-24 years, is considered a youth. This age is also known as adolescence. Youth is a volcano of energy, a person with endless energy. Someone who never tired of things is youth. The brave blood flows in a youth’s nerve is a power to the whole nation. Youth is a reflection of his country.  All abdicates and manners, cultures, traditions, rituals, behaviour, standard of living that a youth adopt is considered as his country’s trend.



Youth is the age that is not viewed as a child and even he is not considered as a mature guy. Even after that, he has to handle all kinds of mature things throughout his youth period. All the work he does requires a lot of patience, energy, and bravery. That amount of energy can’t be handle by other age groups of people. The youth has to keep his mind on his education with the attached stress of his career and future. The date when an Indian youth get his result of 12th grade, the same date his parents ask him “WHAT’S NEXT”. This is the question that comes around every youth and here he entered a new world that is full of burden, stress, and problems. But a youth converts those burdens, stress, and problems into responsibility, passion, and will, and that’s the power of energy youth have.


No, the stress of a career is not an alone problem faced by youth, apart from this, he has more problems on his shoulders to face. He has to do all work related to home otherwise he will be awarded as a tag of “KAMCHOR”, jokes apart, he has all responsibilities of his home. And as it is said that “THIS IS THE AGE  TO MAKE YOURSELF OR TO RUIN YOURSELF”, the youth has to protect himself from all bad things that come around him. Sometimes he accidentally falls in the bad company of his friends, and once he realized that he had ruined himself, but it’s not the end, he raises himself, he starts again, and one day he got success, but, the journey between ruining yourself and backup is not so easy as it seems it requires a lot of efforts, energy, will and power, and that can be only found in youth, A youth: the source of endless energy.



It was only a single side of a youth’s endless energy. Another side is here in front of you.

Sometimes,  we heard that  “A STUDENT COMMITS SUICIDE”, ”HE HANGED HIMSELF”, etc, etc. We can’t even imagine how someone can stop himself from taking a breath. It shows the amount of burden on a youth’s head. The burden can be the stress of a job, money problem, unable to find the job of willing, getting stopped by doing what he exactly wants to do, getting rejected, following the wrong way, etc.  Some lost this battle called life but some utilizing their endless power, starts again, and make the world watch their victory.

Above we had seen about the problems faced by youth. These are those problems that we never notice but these are the problems themselves that create suffocation for a youth. Even after that, a youth faces these problems effortlessly, that’s what is called passion.

Once, our youth icon “SWAMI VIVEKANANDA”  said, “  I have faith in my country, and especially in the youth of my country. My hope is you”, imagine the power of endless energy youth have that a great man had his hope in youth.  An immense amount of energy, feelings, and enthusiasm in the blood, passion in body, will in mind these are the qualifications a youth has.



He faces many problems, comes across to many difficulties, he has to hear taunts of relatives, neighbours,  everyone looked at him as a CCTV, his every action is watched by the world, but his energy remains endless. The warmth of his blood remains on the boil. His wishes and dreams still touch the sky. The youth is always optimistic. His ambitions are always on fire.  The volcano of his fantasies is always on fire. He works ceaselessly, without getting tired.

In the battle of life, troubles and burdens will become forward us every moment of life, only youth can handle these burdens easily to gain victory in the battle of life.


His life goes on endlessly, and his energy goes on endlessly.


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I am Ananya Mishra. Currently pursuing in BMCC, Pune. I love to read and write. Writing a blog really amazes me. A way to follow my passion.


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