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16 August

One’s communication expertise can land a person from level zero to a hero! Does that sound babble? I completely understand. But come along with me in the entire blog and observe how your mind’s gonna change, for I guarantee it.

First, let us make ourselves familiar with what actually ‘social dynamics’ is and how it alters a person’s attitude and tact. Social dynamics account for the mobility in a person’s behaviour and performance, due to the social environment such as conferences, interviews, or even small conversations. It gathers the belief of sociology, business, and psychology. It explains and highlights the changes in society and how human’s thoughts, ways of thinking, and communication alters in group discussion. Social dynamics teaches us what sort of behaviour is acceptable in what setting, for you cannot present the same in all situations.

Whereas if we look at how social dynamics change our personality and acceptance in society, it immensely comes through communication skills. ‘Communication’ is merely the medium through which people share their notions, ideas, and feelings. It has become vital in almost every sector and relates to the measure of a person’s confidence. Be it in business, telephonic interviews, or an anchor. It can be verbal, visual, or written. Entire communication works only on 7 C’s principles listed as Completeness, Correctness, Courtesy, Concreteness, Clarity, Consideration, and Conciseness. If these guidelines are followed, I bet you being an effective communicators than ever before. Hence, I infer that social dynamics and communication go hand in hand, for one justifies the existence of others.

Now let us see some ways of improving our communication:

  • Listening: It has been said that a person will pursue good communication skills if she is a good listener. One with this ability will master communication skills. If you will pay attention to what others say, how are you gonna figure out what to speak? And eventually, land into the pit. It mostly happens during a fight, where one person keeps on speaking without listening to others. If both will listen to each other, things can be sorted in a better manner and faster.


  • Make eye contact: While speaking or narrating, if you look into the audience’s eye, you will look more confident and successful. It showcases your certainty and courage about the content you are speaking about. It also affirms the people that you are correct for the organization, society, or any post.


  • Reading: It is another method to horn your communication skills. When you read, you understand the norms of using different words, grammar, and ways to formulate the sentences to be spoken in a different environment. It enhances your vocabulary and easily distinguishes you from a person who does not read much.


  • Recollecting unheard/unspoken words: Many a time it happens when we miss a line or sentence of the speaker. It is very important to ask for that miss, for the next entire communication can be on its basis. Also, we see many people use gestures as using hands, facial expressions to express their emotions and feeling. Even those come under effective communication. To understand those unspoken words, we need to see what the other person is trying to see and then relate to him to come on the same platform.


  • Pay heed to environmental change and body language: It is very important to accept the fact that people and the world changes with time. Superior is the one, who will quickly grasp the change and work accordingly. Your attitude and communication would not remain the same as it was earlier. Also, another factor that accounts for almost 70% of communication is body language. People used their bodies rather than mouth while communicating. It has been observed in the gestures and pitch of the speaker. The same sentence may sound different and vague in a different set of tones. Hence, it is important to catch all the radiations of the body language of the speaker and follow the same.

About Somya Mahajan

I am Somya Mahajan, from Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University for women. I am currently a 2nd-year undergraduate, in Btech computer science. One should always explore something new in life apart from the usual stream(CSE). Hence, I love writing stuff and articles. Writing and reading blogs really amazes me. Would love to hear any feedback.


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