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16 August

Are you sure you are on the right path right now? Lots of people ask me this question so many times and I am sure you must've heard it as well. How do you face it? The answer is very simple but most people overcomplicate it and therefore I am going to explain it to you in very simple language.


Which is the right path?

I believe that you heard from a lot of people that if you are happy in your life then you are on the right path. If you’re not happy then you are on the wrong path. But if you are working hard and believe that you are going to achieve everything you want and just thinking makes you happy then I think you are on the right path. I just want to give you a short example, one day I was driving on an unknown road and while driving I came on a crossroad which leads to 4 different roads, now I have to decide which road leads me to the right path. And I decide to take every path and see which one leads to me at my destination.

That’s how life works you have no idea which one is the right path but you have to keep moving. This is the bliss of life that nothing is impossible. And you can choose which path you want. The right path is what makes you happy and feel good.


Which is the wrong path?

If you are getting thoughts like, I am not doing something right or what I am doing isn’t going to get me wherever I want to then trust me guys, you are not on the right path if you are doing something that does not make you feel good and feel energetic then you are on the wrong path.


Following are the signs that you are on the right path:


  • You are Happy: it doesn’t matter if you are a university student or you are doing a job just ask yourself a single question, are you happy? Are you happy about the progress you are making? If your answer is yes, then you are going in the right direction. Because if you are not happy then you can’t make progress. Your happiness deep down controls the direction of your life. And if you are unhappy but making lots of money then at some point it leads you to negativity. But if you feel good about your faith and you feel good about your progress then this is the sign, your path is in the right direction.


  • Formation of quality relationships: There are all types of people in your life. The people that will help you and the people that will hurt you. If you know which people will hurt you and you are getting rid of them then you are going on the right path. And if you see the people who will help you then bring them closer to your side they will encourage you. Getting surrounded by good people is very important to live life positively. Humans have this sixth sense that let us know people’s intention with you when you meet them. Some of us call it “gut feeling”. This feeling reminds you that you are on the right path or not.


  • Opportunities: Every single day, if you are getting opportunities in the very smallest way that you never saw before or you knew them but never implement them in your life but now you are excited to do those things then your life is working out. Maybe you just got a job offer or maybe you see certain things in society that proves that everything is working out for your good. But no matter what are they, the opportunities are coming to you, to face it you must be right-minded about how you pursue these things. If you are positively facing opportunities then you are on the right path.


These are some of the many signs which help you in knowing your path. If you learn how to read the signs, they keep you motivated. So why go on the wrong path when you know which one is right?


About Ritika Rathod

I'm a girl who is trying to chase her dream and forever learner from Brihan Maharashtra College of Commerce, PUNE


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