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16 August

Is writing your dream? Do you love writing and want to have a career in that? Does it seem kinda natural to you? Well then, come with me and let us see what it takes to be a good and proficient writer.

Writing takes a lot of hard work. You cannot excel in any field without hardships or without undergoing failures. You have to constantly accelerate yourself towards your goals, only then you can master your dreams. Well, you can take up a course, or watch videos or take suggestions from other writers or bloggers but eventually, in the end, it is you who’s gonna learn, fall, and improve. And this article is not only for beginners but also for those who are a writer and are on a certain road to becoming an efficient one.


Ways and methods to become a better writer:


  • Read immensely: Reading is like a gem for a writer. For those who want to become a writer, it is very important to horn your grammar, vocabulary, sentences, and constant attention. All this comes through reading. Before writing your stuff, read how others manipulate and write. Learn how they have taken a topic and in what manner they have managed to represent what all is in their mind. Not only should you see the content, but also the figures, mechanics, styles, and everything the writer has chosen to deeply portray his thoughts. Read blogs, articles, newspapers, books, novels, or anything that amazes you. Do this for 1-2 months and then start to write.


  • Write regularly: Another aspect that governs for better writing is that you must write periodically. Think over a topic and start to eject everything that comes into your mind. Firstly, write everything without the worries or tensions about grammar, or capitals or anything. After who has written, give a second read to the entire writing and then rectify all the errors, and make your article glitch-free.


  • Analyze audience typeWhenever you decide your topic and start to write, always keep in mind, what sort of audience you are targeting. Is it personal, general, formal, business, etc. you cannot write an informal article for a formal audience or in front of your clients? It gives a bad impression about the writer and people think you to be unworthy of the post.  Your tone is the only thing, you must care about while writing.


  • Reduce redundancy: The repetitive use of similar words may make your article or even the readers awkward. You will sound like a person with a lack of vocabulary and fake knowledge in English or any language you are using. So, try to eliminate the recurrence of words, phrases, and sentences. Also, avoid using the word ’very’ in your blog. The entire strength and power of your article go in vain with this word. That sounds unprofessional in writing.


  • Don’t go away from the topic: Many a time it is observed that people start to deviate from what they are meant to write. They pick up one thing and go such deep into it that they just forget about what they were writing. This must not occur while you write. Keep content crisp and to the point.


  • Revise and read out what you wrote: After you are done with everything, just hold whatever you wrote and have a look over everything. Check grammar, punctuation, articles, and sentences. Read your article aloud and see where you need to put commas, look for typos, and see if you are reading a long sentence.

About Somya Mahajan

I am Somya Mahajan, from Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University for women. I am currently a 2nd-year undergraduate, in Btech computer science. One should always explore something new in life apart from the usual stream(CSE). Hence, I love writing stuff and articles. Writing and reading blogs really amazes me. Would love to hear any feedback.


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