15 September

A Fresher is simply a qualified individual who is yet to gain experience. A fresher is considered to have no practical knowledge as he’s just a newbie in his respective field.

In today’s world, one can clearly see the ongoing tug of war to get a job and thousand of applications to reach out to the companies for the same position. Being a fresher there may fall several hindrances in your way to growth. There are many challenges you come across once you are out of university.

Following are the most common challenges or the difficulties fresher face:

  • Lack of confidence
  • Poor presentation skills
  • Communication barrier
  • Lack of guidance
  • Acceptance of the new work culture, etc.

The threatening economy of India…

The data for it has been provided by the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE), New Delhi.

Considering the above data and information, we come to know that the economic rate of the nation is declining rapidly, henceforth it results in cutting down of jobs for unskilled people. Only being a plain fresher won’t take you anywhere. Here comes the part where you shall know the actual difference between a fresher and a trained fresher.


A trained fresher is someone, who got extra skills other than academics in order to get placed better than others. Only the degree you have doesn’t matter to the recruiter, there are thousands and thousands like you standing in a queue applying for same designation you are applying for. Then what makes you different from them?

Being called as a trained fresher makes you unique from the queue and make your resume eye-catching for a recruiter.  Now there must be a question in your mind that what makes a fresher a trained one??

Here’s your answer:

  • Technical skills (works as an add-on to your resume).
  • Personality development.
  • Communication skills.
  • Familiar with work ethics.
  • Presentation skills and orating.
  • Certification courses (carries marks as GD+PI).

While applying for a job, one must keep and build his resume so strong, that the recruiter can’t have a second thought about you.

In today’ sheep rally, be a unicorn ,run, rise, and shine. For this you need to work on yourself putting all of your efforts to build your personality as a human and grow your intellectual skills in order to fly high.


There are various things available out there at different-different platforms. But the best I suggest is an organization, name, SkillingYou.

Skilling You is a multi-product platform for Skill Development programs. They strive to educate the youth with their prime focus on rural India, equipping learners through cost-effective, technology-driven, research-based and comprehensive ‘ Employability Skills Programs’.

Skilling you have stepped in to be the catalyst for youth to be more employable , proficient and confident.  With an aim of empowering young men and women , Skilling You is filling the gap between passions and unfulfilled dreams and expectations.


Read on to find their motives:

  1. One-stop solution for all information related to diverse industries.
  2. Know real-time market trends.
  3. Know industry expectation and prepare self accordingly.
  4. A place to explore blogs on skill development in various domains.
  5. Customized industry-based certification
  6. Cost-effective learning.
  7. A place to attend one day to full course workshop on various skills.
  8. Placement opportunity.
  9. Opportunity to interact with industry experts.
  10. 5-year membership plan.
  11. Career counselling is based on innate student potential.
  12. Training from industry finest trainers.
  13. Learning-based games and quizzes.
  14. On the go learning mobile application.
  15. Quality online and offline content post-workshop.


You can check them out on:  www.skillingyou.com

Also you can connect with them on other social media platforms like:



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