15 September

To understand the importance of interpersonal skills, first, let us discuss “what are interpersonal skills?”

The word ‘Interpersonal’ consists of- inter, which means between two; personal, means person. So by combining both of the words we get interpersonal which means the relationship between two people. Thus, interpersonal skills are the skills one should possess to maintain a healthy relationship as well as communicating effectively.
The interpersonal skill involves various other skills like Communication, listening, understanding and body language. Each one of these combines to make a good interpersonal skill one must-have. Critical thinking, problem-solving, analyzing and imagination is the secondary but important factors involved in interpersonal skills.

Communication skills itself have three aspects, namely, verbal, non-verbal and listening skills. Communication is all about expressing yourself be it verbally or non verbally, how you express it matters the most. In the process of communicating, as we know, it should be two-way communication, one should have the habit of listening and understanding the expression the other person wants to convey. Non-verbal communication includes body language, gestures and tone of voice. It is one of the most important skills a person must expertise in.
Interpersonal skills are most of the E.Q. and less of the I.Q.

In today’s world maintaining a relationship is a major chore, be it with your boss, colleague, family, friends, or teachers and everyone can’t master it. To express yourself more effectively and sustaining an engaging bond or correspondence, Interpersonal skill plays a vital role.

Coming to the importance of these skills in a student’s life, first of all, I’ll mention the characteristics a good student should possess:
• GOOD LISTENER – listening helps you understand things better. Good listening makes you empathetic also enables you to look at the world from other’s eyes. Being a student, it is necessary to grasp every concept of your life as well as your academics so well, and good listening develops the power of understanding to a greater extent. Listening improvises your learning ability, communication and empathy. Good listening makes us appropriately express things. When you hear something consciously, it directly strikes your mind and helps you remember it for a longer period of time.

 TEAMWORK – Teamwork is all about control and coordination among each other in a group to achieve a mutual goal or objective. Teamwork requires better understanding and communication.

 CONFIDENCE – One of the mandatory factors is confidence. Confidence speaks a lot about your personality and also boosts your morale towards the given task.

 CREATIVE THINKING – Being a student, one should be creative enough to do their task in their very own way. Good listening, communicating, analyzing and imaginative skills make a student a creative thinker also sharpens the mind and increases the IQ level of a student.

 OTHER SKILLS – Interpersonal skills also includes the following which is important to adapt by the students:


Developing Interpersonal skills helps the students in building relationship and connecting with their mentors, friends and family in a best way, also helps them in their personality development.

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