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In an endeavor to build a support system for the nation’s skill development ,
the founder of ‘Skilling You’ established
India’s largest Trainers network and now envisions an employable India through ‘Employability Skills Program’.

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Team Skilling You

Skilling You is a multi-product platform for Skill Development programs. We strive to educate the youth with our prime focus on  rural India, equipping learners through our cost effective, technology-driven , research based and comprehensive ‘ Employability Skills Programs’.

In this dynamic environment and competitive markets, this humble initiative is a first step towards our commitment of empowering the youth with Employability Skills, by creating a stimulating and interactive learning environment, encouraging participation and individual creativity.

With an aspiration of changing the employment landscape in India, we at Skilling You take a pledge to drive a culture of continuous learning, knowledge sharing and process improvement. In the recent years, competition has increased, and job opportunities have reduced. In this competitive world, it isn’t enough to have a degree; one must have something extra, something unique to give them an edge over others.

As per the ASSOCHAM report published on April-16, only 7% graduates in India are employable. This is the driving force for Skilling You.

Skilling you has stepped in to be the catalyst for youth to be more employable , proficient and confident.  With an aim of empowering young men and women , Skilling You is filling the gap between passions and unfulfilled dreams and expectations.

Our Mission-

Building a professional environment that supports skill development for youth who want to be employment-ready.


Transforming socio-economic matrix of the nation through skill development Interventions where unpolished, amateur talent will be converted to skillful and competitive enough for the opportunity.

Who We Are

In the past few years, the deterioration in the field of education has been widely observed. As per the study by the ASSOCHAM Education Committee (AEC), it is sad to notice that only 7% of the pass-outs from Business Schools and out of the 15 lakh engineering graduates produced every year, just a minimal amount of them are employable in India. Indeed, many engineers do not get placed in core-industries which cause chaos in the ratio of engineers working in the industry.
Hence, one should not be solely dependent on just academics and should work on acquiring as many skills as possible. It is these additional skills that will help you stand out amongst your opponents, in any industry or field of work. We, at Skilling You emphasise on such skills to prepare an individual for the corporate world waiting to drag you into the whirlpool of competition!

Read on to find our motives behind this collaboration:

  1. One stop solution for all information related to diverse industries.
  2. Know real-time market trends.
  3. Know industry expectation and prepare self accordingly.
  4. A place to explore blogs on skill development in various domains.
  5. Customized industry-based certification
  6. Cost-effective learning
  7. A place to attend one day to full course workshop on various skills.
  8. Placement opportunity
  9. Opportunity to interact with industry experts
  10. 5-year membership plan
  11. Career counselling based on innate student potential  
  12. Training from industry finest trainers
  13. Learning based games and quizzes.
  14. On the go learning mobile application
  15. Quality online and offline content post-workshop.

Certification & Courses –

One Day Workshop: First Acquaintance

Your awareness is a gateway to your glories future
The awareness you carry will take you to glory

We at SkillingYou always believe in doing things with utmost clarity and giving you the best value for your time and money that you are investing with us. We can only be able to support you in your future when we respect your present.
This exclusive one day workshop will present the most critical aspects of the course.
To place it more precisely, a participant will see the overview of the course, its objective, benefits, industry trends, companies which recognise this certification, monetary acknowledgements to this certification. This one day workshop will clearly define the career-related foundation based on psychological and scientific driven facts.
At the end this workshop, a participant will also receive a “Certificate of Participation” as an acknowledgement.

Complete certification –

Earning a certification is like having a key to the vast world of opportunities in the professional world. Certification programs ensure the competence of professionals through measurement of skills and knowledge.
Comprehensive certification will help you take the full command on a particular subject. It establishes you as a continuous learner, works as a differentiator against the competition, expose you to new ideas and thinking, enables you to make more money and lots more.

Low Investment, High ROI!

Partner Up With  Employability Skills Training Leader

1. Open your own Employability Center
2. Run Job Guaranteed Courses
3. Earn 50k To 2.5 Lac/Monthly
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